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About Zen Orthopedics


First and foremost thank you for visiting my page. When I began 30 years ago as a student athletic trainer I was fortunate to have a great mentor, Dr Andrew Klein. He guided me in two very basic principles that that I still hold onto today. Never do harm and put the patient first.

When I was putting together this webpage I was listing services that I provide. However I found it strange that a potential client will look at the list and say yes that’s what I need. And that’s why instead I have decided to write this little story about my journey. So the client can understand that I don’t try to fit them into A service. But rather make my training fit their needs. And if I am unable to resolve their issue then I will assist them in finding a practitioner who can. I don’t profess to be able to fix everyone or treat everything.

Over the course of my career I have undertaken many different avenues of healthcare. I started as and athletic trainer then proceeded to get degrees and certifications  in physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, neural functional acupuncture,  manual osteopathy, and exercise physiology. The result is my blended approach to your needs.

From a philosophical approach, I utilize concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The concepts of yin and yang.  From an emotional/psychological  perspective to a biomedical/biomechanics approach.  Too often pain has many origins and until all have been addressed it may continue to exist. In the end, my approach will treat you from top to bottom and inside and out. Of course utilizing other health care providers that will address needs outside my scope of practice. 
Hopefully this was helpful in assisting you select a provider.

Lorenzo Gonzalez
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